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why humans are T-pose

every youtuber that makes yt videos: *makes a few videos* (ten years later:

Still havent make at least one new video ): (it makes me sad):

he made a new one about plumbing and horror

when you cant run doom eternal

hey when will be your next game?

he quit yt. this is a guess.i he comes back


No, he will be back in 36876238945734985734958034751349857319857349578134 years.

he bacc

pretty cool game, wish you could be able to pause, check points would be nice

dawg hes been gone for almost a year now

naw it is a year now XD


Version 1.1

You Need Checkpoints For A New Update.

Doot Deternal Needs Checkpoints

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We need checkpoints. Doing the entire thing again is ridiculous. Where is the police when you need them?

Deleted 2 years ago

wish i could play it.

just get good

We need respawn points lol


we need MORE games

U are just left after doom  Doot deternal

create more or we guys will really sue u :P



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the Mac one dosent work

am on window



Good game gave me suicidal thoughts

He didn't make Doom he made Getting Over It

i agree lol


really wished it was on web browser but eh looks fun


shut up ok


all i said is that i wish but i never said i hated it i did said it looked fun but he did what he wanted to do i don't have a problem with it i will be able to play it one day.


You shut up


What the heck is happening


shut up


Doom Eternal Free Edition


waoh i ddint know goop eternal was for free1111!!!!!111!!!11!!!!!!

why ddint anybdy tal me !!!!11!!!!!

Es  para 32 o 64 bits?


Can you please share the source files, or the scripts?


Just download uTinyRipper, it can revert any game made in unity to the unity project. Trust me it is awesome


this game sucks not gonna lie


Have you  actually played it?


this game is actauly  really fun 


pretty good but the music made me go mental because hearing such a positive tone to killing enemies was so annoying


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heheh  funny number 69    


This Game Is Literally A MasterPiece

Great little game, could u make a tutorial on your fps controller? or at least release source code. There doesnt seem to be any decent ones around

I love the movement. THough i had to lower the resolution to the lowest with lowest settings to play the game.

why does the sliding seem familiar-

                           - a little nightmares fan

the sliding after you come out of a ledge grab is very frustrating, and checkpoints please.

help i am having trouble opening the game

same :(

f in the chat for all the gamers with bad computers

have you unzipped the file?

Well made creation!

oh yea yea oh yea yea

epic sarcasm

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The game is amazing, but there is a very, very big problem. THERE ARE NO CHECK POINTS! 6,9/10

truly a masterpiece of game design, with only the best quality and controls 10/10,

This is entertaining AF

Great Game

Really like this game. Hm you could ad a health bar and a few more maps and weapons. 4/5


ooo, i got some bad news for ya


he did not want to add a heath bar ok


here's a suggestion, ADD A HEALTH BAR


Also I Like How Doot Slayer Is Just A Fucking Red Humanoid That Looks Like Hes Made Out Of Clay With Sharp Edges.

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