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i played your gams and it was really fun! Loved the art style but wish there was health and checkpoints. It would help alot if you could check out my youtube channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!

Can I get doom, please?
We already have doom at home.
The doom at home:

dOoT dEteRnAl


i cant afford doom

so i got this

Why did you make another fps.

you do this

olso why


how do i download this in linux tho


the question is why the fuck do you have a linux


I want to learn how to make such a game! I dreamt of me walking through rooms, shooting at enemies using my finger, like this game. Only one finger, which I bent like pulling a trigger, and above it hovered a flat sharp triangle razor, which I shot at the enemies.




-dani- 2020/21


theres no checkpoints so if you die you start the whole game over wich was kinda anoying but it was also super cool :D

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Okay Z9-2022 :D


man Bethesda needs to get this guy in there studio or something

Show post...


Hey, he should add the super shotgun like the iconic gun in doom, which maybe could be like the main gun and right-clicking wound use your other hand to rocket. The relode animation would be breaking his finger and putting a shell then in. :)


The only thing that is really bad are the checkpoints. When you die you just respawn at the start. Which is really frustrating. Otherwise nice game.


Its not downloading. How to fix?

Deleted 70 days ago

rocket-jumping makes it so much easier


i tried, it is still needlessly difficult, like GOD  



You should make more levels


This game is so cool (: I havent played it lol


I love this game with a problem EVERYTIME I DIE I RESPAWN AT TUTORIAL


The only level is a tutorial lmao




Cool game i love it 


one out of everything this game sucks


This game great what u talkin bou


You could, at least, tell the developer what "sucks" about it. Just saying it sucks doesn't provide any kind of constructive criticism.


tell me what sucks coward


I got bored so I speedran all the rooms(including the optional one to the side) and got a time of 3:17, not bad. The glory kills have amazing animation, but I almost never used them because I could just spam shoot much faster. There needs to be a reload. Or at least make glory kills give you invincibility for a few seconds after the attack. and checkpoints!

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The DOOM games (actual ones) have no reloading and the invincibility thing also is not in DOOM so Steven stayed pretty loyal in that sense.

(Sorry if I sound like a DOOM fan acting all high and mighty)

also yes I agree there should be checkpoints if the game becomes longer which it probably won't

(I apologize again for sounding like a douche)

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Why is there no friction in this game. It makes it so hard to go on the parkour course's skinny platforms because you will just inevitably slide off and have to do it all over again. All in all though, great game.


A glitch that I found: If you have enough speed, you can go through walls without triggering enemy spawns.


u should put doot mussic in the game

What is the world record time?


So, this is a video about me playing the game. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Kinda weird because I said this

bro the mac build doesn't work. i expanded it with unarchiver one and it doesn't work

time to resort to downloading the linux build


perfect doom eternal port!

i cant afford doom eternal and will play this cause it looks great!

5/5 already


when you can't afford doom eternal

Updates in the future would be nice

I like all fps games (I'm broke so I like free ones the best)

I LOVE This Game, It's Literally  A Doom Parody Game! Congrats Steven!  I Like This Game! 10/10 I Had Fun Playing Doot, Totally Would Played Again

please fix the control if you dont know friction learn pls i cant baet the obby pls fix

i beat obby first try

Go back to roblox bitch

and you fuck off bitch


Go back to roblox bitch

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Hii, I've made a video about the game and I want to share some feedback about it ^^ hopefully it is useful to you :)

-DUUUUDE ITZ BEtter THan doom eternal...... I mean, being honest, it's pretty fun and the idea is good :D

-Visually the game is simple, but I'll say that the execution animations are reaaaaally funny ^^

-The gameplay mechanics could be more polished but they are good :)

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


hugo martin better watch his ass

Noice. Although, as others have said checkpoints would be noice as well.


i died at such a long way i rage quit lol

I never finished it lol

very epic👌 unintentionally the hand-only combat is the best part of it lmao (the animations are really good!)


I'd pay money for a longer Doot Eternal. Actual human dollars.  I love how the game controls, shoot-jumping is just so satisfying, and, again, I would pay actual money for a longer version of this.

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