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Had a ton of messing around in the game. The movement is very nice and feels very smooth.   Really like your channel and the game. I am looking forward to more updates to this game. (Downloading the demo 2 right now) You've even got me motivated to start making some 3D games myself.

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Hey I love the concept of this game. I currently am creating a FPS game and thought I’d give you a tip a 60 second game reviewer on instagram gave me. When you look down the characters should be able to see their feet and Maher knees in a running animation. The game reviewer told me that it makes the game more immersive. Also for wall running you should be able to see the arm grazing the wall, kind of like black ops 3. Anyway I love your game mechanics and look forward to its release👍🏾

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The game is very fun to play and the parkour elements are great, but I do have some ideas, Irecommend the game having more uses with the gun like shooting down walls, also there can be a enemy that has bombs to it sides and throws them at the player and the player needs to shoots the bombs off to do damage also a tool that the player could have are a pair of metal knuckles that stick to walls, when you jump off of the wall you get a hight vertical jump boost. Great game 👍

Yo sad that my pc dont run well this thing, i'll sugest more graphics options and a decent menu and it will be a good demo to play test

I suggest a better pc/dedicated graphics or messing around with resolution scale

waaaaaay too laggy

Cool game my crappy mac can't handle it

how did you got it to work on your Mac

Both version don't work on mac for most people, how did you run i

nice EPIC JUICY game

Can you please Collab with me?



erm fix the move faster diagonal bug pls (normalize), besides, wall run is quite janky but the game looks gd keep up the gd work :) 
the lack of a crosshair is probably the most irritating part 

oh yeah thanks lol, i probably should have normalized the movement a long time ago.

the other stuff has been mostly fixed by now though, but thanks for the suggestions :)

glad that i helped :)
btw the bots can't shoot u when u are on top of a platform, hope u have fixed that too! 

yeah, the ai is a little janky lol. I'm currently in the process of reworking it though, so it'll hopefully be a lot better in the final version.


Pretty neat, reminds me of Karlson 3d. 

Some suggestions / ideas:

Graphic settings, Crouching / Sliding, More guns, Wallrun meter, Tilting.

I don't know how hard it would be to add these things but I think it would be nice.


thanks! this build of the game was made about a week after I started development, so it's extremely barebones lol.

but since then i've added more guns and improved the wallrunning, among other things. however i probably won't add crouching and sliding because i'm going for more of a doom eternal but with more movement feel and i don't think it's really worth the effort, mostly because i can't be bothered to animate it lol.


its a great game. and i would enjoy if it was a bigger playground

here are some ideas

.a crosshair

. more momentum

.add some more weapons( doest have to be  different from looks just change the  property's like faster shooting  or a spread of bullets like a shotgun )


thanks! and yeah, i'll definitely be implementing those ideas later on, this build of the project was mostly just a demo of the movement mechanics and basic functionality.


nice game bro. if you are open for a collaboration for a game it may be good. hoping for your response.

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