A downloadable thing for Windows and macOS

Extremely early demo of the fps game thing I'm working on. This is really outdated, you probably shouldn't download. Get this instead: https://stevensstuff.itch.io/untitled-fps-game-demo-3

Controls are WASD to move, space to jump. You can wallrun by touching walls while in the air. Jump, move away from the wall, or stop moving to stop wallrunning. Mouse to aim, left click to shoot, R key to reload. Press P to respawn if you fall off the map or something and ESC to go back to main menu.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, fps-platformer, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

you probably just have to unzip the file and run it or something i dunno


game demo windows 165 MB
game demo macos 177 MB


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does this have ragdoll idk if it has i never played it 

0.3 and 0.3.1 do

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good game, like the fps, i can run it , but how can i extract the zip????

right-click on it then click extract to game thing  demo

Im gonna unzip the whole trilogy in a single folder and see what happens

what happened 

tell me

it caused a singularity

Deleted post
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Really nice game I love all of them 1 2 and 3

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Steps to run it on windows:

First  download the zip file

Second Right Click and then click Extract All 

Third Open up the folder

Fourth Click on epic game

u click two times to open it one time 4 times well open two windows

ya dingus

he was say the fourth step is the click on it

use itch app




nice gam

i played and you cant die so...


i found this in the background LOL


I love it it's so cool


you think it will give my pc a virus, hopefully not



it says the game will put my pc at risk


its fake you idiot there is no virus


pls make it for chromebook too because i cant afford a normal good computer


then that’s your fault, I doubt a chrome book could run that.

A yes, the classic "if you can't afford a fancy computer your not good enough"

what if i fall off cuz i did

well you'd have to go back to the menu or respawn because it seems like it doesn't kill you when you fall off

about right

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I can not download this I am on chrome os :( can you make a Linux ples so I can play :)

On a panoramic screen or at this resolution the manual is over "back" and if I go into settings I can't get out without restarting.
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set ur resolution to 1920x1080 i have a 3440x1440 monitor and thats what i did

I can't even open the game on either versio

as the game its pretty not much bugs besides sometimes it launches of the wall a bit too high than expected maybe adding slide mechanic would give a bit of more varaition of movement and sounds, the game visuals no complain it pretty good and still enjoyable good job on that and as a suggestion adding melee option would be amazing  




how do i run this game on windows

  1. Download the windows zip
  2. extract it
  3. open the folder
  4. open "epic game.exe"

should i extract all

yes of course ADDATRON


you have intel hd graphics that's why

i have intel hd graphics and it works fine


this game is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than clicking white squares


how do you install i know you press the download button but what else

1.install it(you prob done that)

2.open the .ZIP folder (if you dont have winRAR go download it)

3.open the folder and press extract

4.click on the "Desktop" with a icon of a computer on the left

5.press "OK"

6.wait for it to install (if you have a older computer it will be slower)

7.open the folder

8.play :D

what is the chmod command to make this thing run on mac?Please help!!!

chmod +x <file name> will make the selected file executable

dude, just download the mac version up to

i also have mac and it's just that easy

when is the full release


pls play my game it free :(


stop self promoting smh

still getting it tho ;)

I cant download it for some reason

you should make the jump more powerfull because it feels to soft and somthing that would be cool is when you wallride, your hand goes up on the wall like in blackops3 and maybe legs

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would love to see this game blow up in the future


There is for windows & mac but no android

*sad man noises*

Doesn't work on mac


Naw it works if you have enough braincells to figure it out.....use W.I.N.E


those bots are mega thicc


pls contact me somewhere i need you

it doesn't work on Mac


There is a Windows AND Mac version but no Linux version?

*sad penguin noises*

Its not like the Mac version works so I feel you body



oof *sad*


I have a few ideas. First of all great job. This shit dummy fun. Okay first idea. Add multiple color options for the crosshair in the menu. Its not a big deal to some people but I have a friend thats colorblind, so it really helps some players. Second, instead of making the enemies perfectly accurate, have them aim for a single point in center mass of the player, and down the accuracy just enough so that they still hit all their shots when standing still, but it wont be hitting the same point on the body every time. This just adds a little bit of immersion. Also this isnt the most important but a small story or some objectives would really improve the fun. 

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