A downloadable thing for Windows and macOS

second gameplay demo of a first person shooter thing i've been working on, now with more enemies and stuff. it's also outdated, latest version is here: https://stevensstuff.itch.io/untitled-fps-game-demo-3

Controls are WASD to move, space to jump. You can wallrun by touching walls while in the air. Jump, move away from the wall, or stop moving to stop wallrunning. Mouse to aim, left click to shoot, R key to reload, 1 2 and 3 keys switch weapons. Press P to respawn and ESC to go back to main menu.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, First-Person, FPS, fps-platformer, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

unzip and run things


game demo 161 MB
game demo mac version 173 MB


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This version is better than 3rd one. Also is Steven dead?

man i was hoping this would be available for linux

still playing this cuz my computer cannot run 3 hahaaa


me too

me three

i can play this for ever

Forever correcting your grammar good grammar btw


You should also export it for linux with the full release



Walruning in this game is incredibly hard, but he game is cool



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yup ur right fil809

once i run out of ammo on one gun i cant reload the others??? is this a feature?

No, its a limitation of this demo


I just find out that you can neutralize the big boys by shooting at their arms


why is the phrase "neutralize the big boys" so funny


broo you hav eno good sence of humor

if you run out of ammo on a weapon you cant reload on the others to


theres a new version check that out


plss make it so u can put the cuality low plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss my laptop sucks

in options change the reslution in the options it worked for me


This game coooooooooooooooooooooollllll


Make it avaliable for android maybe?

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Is there supposed to be audio for this? if so I have no audio

never mind theres no audio


tweaks:fix double jump i cant even double jump when im walking


Try this


this game is good but needs tweaks and a more content (duh) but i like it its fun with the minimal amount of content it has  

Switch Weapons With Number keys, Double jump is broken, Just Fix the Double Jump

It's not broken, look through the coments.

also when you get any gun to no ammo 0/0, you cant reload any of the


i just found the best glitch ever, if you go up to a corner you can jump from wall to wall all the way up to the top of the map

wait, you didnt know this the first time you played this?

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A few notes/suggestions: 

1. I would like it if you could quick-swap between weapons using the mouse wheel. It would allow me to swap without taking my hand off of WASD, and it's also what I use more commonly in other FPS games.

2. The spread on the rifle and revolver feels rather exaggerated. I could stand perfectly still and aim directly at one of the big guy's heads at decently close range and still miss the first shot due to spread.

3. It would be nice if the bomb guys exploded when you shot them instead of just ragdolling so you could lure enemies into a group and shoot the bomb dude to deal a large amount of damage.

4. It feels odd to be able to change your momentum midair with WASD. If I'm mid-jump and i hold A or D, I start to move sideways like I have magical powers of flight.

what u said on number four is a very normal thing for fast paced fps fyi


thats for windows

get the app and go to the page with the game, press install or something, and then press launch

ok i found it ou

yeah how am I supposed to open on windows

how do you open on windows

In this resolution, it's impossible to get out of settings without resetting the game which is pretty inconvenient. IMO there is no need for a manual in this place. In the second screen, you can also notice how it overlaps the "quit" button however it's still pushable so it's just an aesthetic. 


It's kinda like Karlson xD



Oh, so you dont know what Karlson is?

yay dana  made a video today muck karlsun love it

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I down loaded the Mac version and I got something that said "the application Mac cannot be opened 

1. Right click the app

2.press Show Package Contents

3. Press MacOS

4. Open Terminal and write chmod +x , and then drag the file that should be in MacOS into there.

Press enter and the file should become a .exec file

now you can play the game

So i found a bug where when i switched while my shotgun thing was loading, i had the rapid fire thingy out while the reload animation was going lol

I downloaded the Mac version, but it can't be opened. 


Try redownloading the zip and double-clicking it to expand the file, this should give you an application called "mac" that looks like this, open it to start the game

but it still says the application cannot be opened

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Upvote this so that it's the first thing people see.

First off, Steven has a youtube channel,  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUd0Pj06Jt1kgW-VdvmgIQQ Go to this, watch the videos so that everyone is on the same page.

List of known "issues"

1. There is no sound yet

2. The Double-Jump works just fine, but there is a common problem people tend to make (See below)

3. There is no dying

4. when you run out of ammo on one gun, reloading is switched off for all other guns

If you find a DIFFERENT problem reply and tell me it so I can add it to the list.

The double jump

Comment if you think the game should be called "Lux Radium"


that sounds like a pretty cool name

please add a option to skip the little course i have been doing it for hours over and over again when i press pause or add a RESUME button

...There IS a way to skip it... check the other comments for the method.

unless my audio was being a little potato, steven please add sound effects and moosic.

No yeah, there is no sound yet.

Hey, joestis, you seem like you know what you are talking about here. Do you know if Steven is still developing the game or If he has gone completely silent?

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He has a youtube channel where he has been posting status updates in the community tab. So yes, he is still developing the game, he's just taking his time, as he should.

Honestly, I feel that people with skills should try contributing music and Blender models if they can.

Can you make a Linux version for people who don't use windows or mac?


You should call the game Lux Radium

bruh why is in win rar r u kidding me

you can open the file with windows file explorer it can open the file that the game comes in too


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