A downloadable thing for Windows and macOS

second gameplay demo of a first person shooter thing i've been working on, now with more enemies and stuff.

Controls are WASD to move, space to jump. You can wallrun by touching walls while in the air. Jump, move away from the wall, or stop moving to stop wallrunning. Mouse to aim, left click to shoot, R key to reload, 1 2 and 3 keys switch weapons. Press P to respawn and ESC to go back to main menu.

Install instructions

unzip and run things


game demo 161 MB
game demo mac version 173 MB


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this is sooooooo good!

i cant unzip the folder it says i have to buy winzip 

keep improving it!

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This is an amazing game. Would love to see a multiplayer and  a slide/crouch function but also aiming down sight. If you do make a multiplayer it would be cool to see a Team Deathmatch.


Its well its an indi game DON'T QUESTION THEM OR YOU SHALL 


how the hell do i play this game i got it installed but i cant play it for some reason

have u extracted the files

issues with double jumping off platforms and going back onto the wall after jumping off it. the double jump problem had to do with the player being a tiny bit off the platform (i think) and i think you should make it so we can switch our guns during reloading, also aiming felt like you just needed luck with the bullet spread. but overall love the destruction feature. 

Yeah that double jump problem is very common, and that IS the reason for it.

When you add more guns you should make the player start with just the revolver and make them have to pick up the other ones. Maybe hold 1,2, or 3 to put a gun in that slot?


karlson gaem


karlson is an fps parcour this and all fps are similar(btw: dani does not own nor invented fps with wallruning).

i know. i play both

Although the game is not finished yet, I enjoyed it. By the way there is a problem with double jump

I like how steven made this as scuffed as possible, yet its top popular


why we have to Download this why? WHY SAY WHY! please PLEASE


mainly because its harder to add an auto-download button........ and maybe steven just got  bored

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this game is really fun but i think it needs a grenade of sorts or make the little bomb dude explode when they die or some kind of crowd control


Hey finally, i was waiting for this dude

wow this blew up

I am a Brazilian and this is by the translator so it must be very confusing to read, I loved the game for sure that this could turn into something much bigger in the future, I loved the mechanics of shooting different parts of the body and the enemy dismountin


the translater worked perfectly


it did, just maybe it should put a few more periods at some sentences. otherwise, perfect

Discount Dany

dani*** i'm assuming you mean Karlson dani


how do you use different weapons?

with the numbers

I love your channel.


Dang it, i was so close to getting a 12 second run.  I got a 13.03(or a 13.05). Don't know how i managed to keep my speed.

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Damn, pretty good run. I feel like countinously jumping helps retain the speed. 

Probably. Also if we find another place for the Platform Acceleration glitch (the glitch i found) we could definitely get a 12 second run.

I am thinking of subcategories. Like 100% Glitchless, 100% Skipless etc.

New category: 100%. Kill all enemies.

This run could be obviously improved. By the way the rifle is the fastest way to take out all the enemys.


Actually, never mind. The revolver is better. It takes them out in one or two shots.

Yeah, i got 18.70 something with the revolver.

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Revolver seems to be the go-to weapon. Sometimes it's possible to kill 2 enemies with a single bullet.
I got 18.09 in my 5th run so there is a lot of optimization to be done.

Wow, thats lucky. Anyways pretty good run.

Also if the shotgun did more damage it would DEFINITELY would be the go-to weapon. Like it could take several enemies cause of burst fire.

I don't think we are getting this game into speedrun.com cause short games dont get accepted .

Sadly, yes. I doubt it'll ever get accepted since this game seems to more focus on fps rather than platforming.

I also tried to submit it but it didnt get accepted cause it was too short but for SOME REASON, SUPER SANIC TURBO GUN ADVENTURE 2 TURBO got accepted even though it only has a single level.

The speedrun.com experience lol

welcome to speedrun.com: where we accept game submissions. that break the rules of game submitions for some reason.

I'll admit it... This took me 334 tries, skip% is getting pretty optimized at this point.


nice run, also yeah skip% is getting optimized. i also found a "glitch "where you can get a bit of speed from the start. idk if it will be used though. 

Seems to be pretty precise but I think it does give off a substantial amount of boost to begin with since the start is one of the most time consuming parts of a run. I will also check that out.

Also thinking about it now this exact glitch could be used on different spots on the map as well.

Yeah, could also be used on diffrent places.  Not sure though.

Could be used at the end parts so you don't lose speed. 

Its not really that hard. Can get annoying if you keep pressing jump too late. 

Jump while falling . Like about half a second or a bit more to do it. I don't know. I also discovered it by accident.

to get a 12 second run, it would probably need a lot of optimization. but by using wallrunning as much as possible and using the "glitch" i found we could get it.

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not a speedrun just showing it off

i stopped it a bit early, but i am sure that its a 13 second run. i am happy with this record. (probably a 13.90 something)

Yo, great job.


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Jeez my guy, fantastic job.

i am trying to take the time down to a 13.99 or 13.97.

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i requested this game to speedrun.com, cause people are starting to speedrun it.

it didnt get accepted.

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14.62 with skips
Tried including live split but my recording software wouldn't let me.
Took me an embarrasing amount of 42 tries but here it is.

nice, you beat my record.

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A very cool idea! I played too much :)


kind alooks like karlson gonna download it


speedrun but no skips




It is very awesome and swag I am not kidding at all


bro this is amazing 


I speedran your game lol:


I know a faster way-go on top of the box thing and jump off for more sped


15 seconds, you've got to get creative.


its great!! keepit up


Yo, check out this very rough sub-MG design


I was thinking it could have accelerating fire rate, the longer you shoot, the faster it gets. Just a thought.


hey ain't this a minigun? coocl concept tho

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No, it's a sub-machine gun. The second thing is a top view. Its roughly based off of a PPSh-41.


Very fun but you can't switch weapons while reloading, which is kind of the point of a sidearm. 

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