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has anybody noticed that punching the big guys heads instantly kills them?

Absolutely amazing! I can tell when it's finished it will be a masterpiece


Please make a Android version

how do you make the walls purple like in the video

It makes me lag can u add graphic change setting

Is this long enough to be a worthy download on my PotatOS computer?

yeah it can run on a potato laptop if you set the res to a little lower


Will there be an Android version?

probably not

It's just a cool game! But for me personally, the game lacks action music, a sniper rifle and the effect of splashing machine oil from robots when hit. And so, the game is very cool.

bro download the linux one



where knifes!!


where is new devlog


is there an x86 version?

Only 0.3 :P

Most fun I've had in a while. Spent about 20 minutes just running on the walls.

unable to launch mac version

nvm i got it

Fantastic. The graphics are nice and smooth, the shooting feels nice. The shotgun seems a little weak though. Looking forward to the finished game.


Great Game!
Shootin the shotgun feels good
Becoming Dio is well.... ZA WARUDO TOKI WO TOMARE

I am looking forward to the future of this game :)


Are you planning to update it?

the games really good and fun. i really liked it but i do prefer the old colours

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My overall thoughts on the game. (And how to improve it)


I was sitting with my cat and i remember this youtuber about a year ago that i liked watching a lot. I checked but he hadn't posted since the doom video. I wasn't sure if he was working on new stuff or if he just quit. Whatever steven was doing it didn't matter now it meant the same thing. No funny videos...

I was watching a dev video and for a second i thought that stevens game became gttod until he mentioned its similarities. So i opened up the game and tried to play it and oh boy.

This game is so much fun to me idk why, I usually had music in the background but its a lot of fun constantly mowing down enemies or parkour around the map. 

The game is in desperate need of content as well as it far from being finished, however its a lot of fun to play and mess around as well as see new ways and techniques that I can use on the enemies.

Yet it almost feels like steven got tired of working on it, he's not done with the project but I wouldn't say he's still working on it. 

My rating of this game is a 7,5 outa 10 its a lot of fun just a bit buggy and needs a lot of features before its a fully fledged game.

                                        What could make the game better?

1. playstyles/combat

I'm pairing combat and some of the movement together as there's a lot of crossover between the two. (I mean it is a movement shooter) I feel like the combat is a bit confusing on what the intended purpose of the developers is. As there's a mix between being really up and close to the target combat and backing away and shooting, it depends if you use a rifle or pistle.

Its also really easy to browse over your health and if your taking damage. There's almost no indicator for if your being killed or not. Games like Minecraft or Fortnite have a damage sound and shake your screen a bit to indicate that your taking damage. This helps keeps players aware of what's going on. 

Also i feel like a boss should be added to the game. The boss should try to combat all of the players strengths making the player have to think in a new way, or have two bosses each that combat a particular style of gameplay. These bosses need to feel like a real threat as most enemies are as though you can browse over them or beat them up. This takes away all of the players ego of thinking there the strongest thing on the playing field making them much less careless with what they do.

This also makes the superior features not as effect causing players to discover new fun ways of playing the game instead of using the same thing over and over again.

                                                             Rifle/distance gameplay

Using a rifle I tend to back away and fire as your faster than your enemies are. This allows you to keep a safe distance and fire at them. I also like to add that its a lot of fun to climb areas and get really high up. So i use the rocket attack or a combination of wall running and double jumping. Then i rain bullets from above.

Its a lot of fun however, its a bit broken or I reach a point where's there's nothing to do but come back down and fight the normal way. I think that there should be a flying enemy that you can jump on. That way you can have air fights if you get bored of the standard game.

I also think that if u get really high that if u dash down onto a enemy or punch them while your falling it'll ad extra damage as a way to implement this into the gameplay. I also want ranged enemy's (especially the bigger ones) to be able to still attack you from above to keep it from completely nullifying all danger by climbing high up. but enough about gameplay in the air what about back on the ground.

I feel as though movement on the ground should be fleshed out a bit more too by making dodging to the side slower as using the dash button feels a bit to fast making it feel like your outa control and its hard to trace the fight and tell what's going on. I also think that the backing up mechanic that i talked about is fine on its own. However i think it'll be cool if there's a enemy that can match your speed (In a different area) or be even faster than the player forcing them to be more aggressive or climb up.

                                          Shotgun/pistle/Aggressive gameplay

Some might be confused why I chose the pistle for aggressive gameplay over the shotgun, but that's because the painfully slow reload time makes the shotgun not that effective against larger amounts of enemies. The pistle is slower but not as slow as the shotgun. I feel if there was a really tanky boss enemy then the shotgun would be good for that battle, but the shotgun feels more useful as a special attack if there's a lot of the big guys and you need to take them out quick.

The punching mechanic is a bit broken, however it has some drawbacks. While it does push you forward to enemy's making it easy to hit them, you tend to take a lot of damage while attacking. I feel as though to balance it when attacking the bomb enemies they should explode. Bomb enemies should do double damage to the player and other enemies.  

This would make the bomb a double edged sword as if u shoot it down in a crowd it should explode killing a lot of enemy's however it can kill you easily if you don't notice it and are to reckless. 


Parkour and movement is about as important as the combat itself. I first want to discuss the f~cking pain in the ass known as predicting rocket launching and how high it launches you. When rocket jumping I think that it should launch you higher if u jump as well as knock you in the opposite direction for where you shot it.

When doing rocket launches please make it so you can scale the wall in the parkour map without having to get the exactly perfect momentum to make it onto the ledge. However I assume it was made this way because of wall climbing.

wall climbing feels like the unintentional feature that  steven added. It consists of walling running up the wall and the double jumping the second you start declining the wall again. You can rinse and repeat this until you have made it as high along the wall as you want.

Also.... OMFG I CANT TELL WHERE IM SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE MAP I KEEP FALLING OFF LEDGEDSFRSDFJESDUIFHSUDFUI AAGGGHHHHHHH. When on a platform its texture is the exact same as the floor, making it borderline impossible to tell where the edge of the structure is. The also completely stupid speed makes it impossible to go to the edge of the platform to shoot down. While the speed is good for more up close combat i feel like it should be toggleable with the cntl key and have the stop time key be the v button as its much more intentional then using the control key.

Then you also have dashing which makes parkour so confusing.(this depends) I cant tell where I am after I dashed and before. The dash again should be slowed to allow the player to feel more controlled in there situation as I can not describe how many times I have just dashed and launched myself off the map. However this should only apply to dashing to the side or back as you can see pretty clearly where your going when dashing forward.

There's also this trick I found where if u are walling running up a wall and your really close to the bottom if you fire a rocket and push back with your s key you can gain some really good height.

3. Bugs/Miscellaneous features/content


  Alright lets start with features. The game needs a f~ck ton of polishing before its even close to complete. I want the menu screen to be worked on and a title to be picked out as currently this game from the title screen looks like a really bad unity game someone made in a day. 

I also think music should be pretty important. The music should be kinda mysterious for the title and when there's no enemy's but have a killer synth wave track when fighting enemies. The boss/bosses should have there own custom theme(s) as it'd just make the game feel better as well as adding a bit more impact for when the bosses show up.

A parkour theme would be nice to, as there's to much silence for a fps shooter in my opinion. (THIS DOESNT MEAN PLAY DOOM MUSIC I STILL LIKE HAVING MY EARS)

There should also be a better skybox and visual style, depending if where going dark theme or light theme it'll depend. If where having a more bright theme then I think that a sky like or a blue colored bright screened styled sky box would look good.

If where going dark theme it should look a bit more like gttod. With a neon style and a kinda synth feeling to it. however I'm not the developer and this could go a number of ways depending on how steven wants to have the games style look like.

This also is really annoying when i have to go back to the menu screen to reload. Ammo crates should be achieved from killing enemy's or found across the map.


Oh boy this is a long one... ok lets start with this.

The game should have different styles. Sure parkour and fighting are the core essentials but there should be other options. How about a chase area where you have to run from a big monster, or a scavenger hunt for certain keys and materials to unlock a door.

There should also be a tutorial to introduce mechanics and let players decide what there favorite playstyle is. The tutorial should be separate from most of the game meaning you can have Access to certain items just to get a feel for the game.

Achievements should also be added as well. There should be a achievement for beating the game. One for completing all side quests. One if you find all easter eggs, and one if you die 3 times to a boss in a row.

There should also be different weapons and upgrades. I feel a friendly npc at your camp or safe area would be interesting. They will offer you in return for completing achievements, levels, or gaining currency from side quests for different guns. After the tutorial you can pick the basic version of your favorite gun but there's other versions and edits. 

The npc will offer you rockets for the rocket launch attack, ammo holders that let you store more ammo, or new weapons and items upon completing quests.

There should also be a cooperative section of the game where you can play with your friends this ranges from 2-4 players. 1v1 can be enabled however a multiplayer mode would differ to much from the base game, and lets face it there's already enough of those.


Bugs and glitches can go from a small inconvenience to the best time of your life to Completely ruining the game. There's not a lot of game breaking features currently but i will also address some performance issues in this section for the review.

I haven't experience any performance issues as far as fps goes however if you look at the comments on this page or my friends painfully slow computer status when playing this game the lights can do a number on someone computer. Having the option to take down the lights or have a low graphics option would make the game function a lot better.

As Far as bugs go there's about 3 that i am currently aware of. The first one is a glitch where upon punching a big crab turret enemy there's a chance of it flinging you upwards a large amount. I'm not sure how to trigger it but it'll happen every once and while.

The other two bugs involve the main melee enemy, upon dashing into them they launch themselves up into the air, or if you stand Infront of them they still play the moving animation despite them not moving at all.

Thats about all i have for now.


i suggest adding graphics options for my low end PC that runs this at 6 fps



Add low, medium, high, ultra modes in the starting of the game bcoz i get 50 frames or so

PLs Add A Double Barrel Shotgun

Good,but also make it when you respawn it fills up all the ammo and rocket to make is easier

Things that i would like to be fixed/improved:

1- Player movement: Something i have noticed is that the player jumps way to little, unless you use the double jump, of course. i don't have a particular problem whit the player speed however.

2- Weapons: I would like to see a buff for some weapons, like the shotgun, which, btw, its waaaay to weak, speacially at close quaters. Also, the animation of "The Finger launcher" should be Quicker to perfom the "Finger Jump" in a more efficient way and to kill enemies faster.

3- Graphics: I know that good graphics ≠ good game, but i would like to see some kind of perfomance option or make it look a bit prettier, because it get kinda boring seeing the same thing over and over againg.

Plz make VR Mode


Steven's game with out a name


Game title should be called "Rebound", idk it just game to my head



nice idea

there was a bug before this demo 3 in where if you ran out of bullets in one gun every gun will not reload and shoot in some occasions


plz make a title


i am ign and this is 10/10 game



Shotgun is too weak

New map and weapons and enemies when ssjd99efjfjdj

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this is a best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the higher areas and whatnot are pretty easy to exploit to avoid enemies, so there should be something that can climb with you, wall turrets, or flying enemies. i saw a comment that said there could be some sort of bird above the map that swoops down to solve this problem, 

Do low-end

0.3.1 is the easier running edition of the game, it's the best running version we have until the next one comes out. 

Idea : executions for enemies on low health. Something like the late hit from Titanfall 2. a slew of punches and a final stronger final punch.


Plz make it for Android 😭🙏🙏

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0.3.1 is light and it's the smoother running version, 0.3 is the dark one, but its more taxing.

I can't download on Linux can someone help please? I am confused

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