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so you can see a block thing in the distance. its flat and just floating there. well, me being the curious one...


for the dues who have the big arms add it so then have a 50% to headbutt you instead for punching you


this is way too laggy


game name sugg. TeCHNO-Fling


how much RAM does the game need cuz its so laggy


do u know u can go as high as u want with wall jumps even faster in the corner of a shape




game name  suggestion lazer range


game name  suggestion lazer arena

I have many things to say about this and I don't know how to put it all in one paragraph without it sounding weird, so I'll make a list of points instead.

1. Honestly, time stop isn't that fun of a mechanic. I rarely found myself using it, since it slows the game down to a halt. Plus, it's super broken.

2. Rockets need an overhaul. There's so many ways I can think of that they could be used for movement that would be really fun to do (i.e. boosting yourself off a wall with a rocket) but you just... can't. It makes me kinda sad.

3. The wall sliding feels kinda weird. I don't know how to say it, so I'll show a picture to demonstrate my point: 

4. Punching is super fun. I'm a big fan of punching in first person shooters anyway, so yeah. But I'd recommend to nerf it a little, since you can just one-shot enemies if you hit them in their weak spots.

5. PLEASE let me scroll through my weapons with the scroll wheel. Because holy crap, using the number keys in the middle of a fire-fight is not intuitive at all.

6. Reloading is kinda slow.

7. Here's a suggestion for a mechanic to stand the game out from other similar FPS games: draining health that you can regenerate using batteries dropped from enemies you killed. It encourages fast and aggressive play and would fit right in with the futuristic style of the game.

8. buff the pistol more lmao

9. Don't listen to point 8.

Sorry if it's a lot to take in


Really cool, I would like to make a suggestion. At some point, i would love to see a weapon wheel (kind of like doom's)

sometimes if you are in time stop and you punch one of the things, it sends you under the map.

Other than that i really like this game.

cant wait for it to download and play it

Did you say something saying "Windows protected your PC" when you opened the epic game.exe file?

potential name : laser tag

I really like this game!

The style and the game mechanics feels so juicy (when you shoot down the limbs of a robot, and its try to aim you with 3 or 1 leg its just feel very organic). I more like the gunplay part of the game, but the parkour is feel very stisfying too.

Tip: Sometimes the sounds were a bit not ok, like after the time time stopping ability. Please add more enemy type, with more and different limbs! Add simpler way to the arena, first time it was hard to reach. And with the big robot, can you do that it can move with one leg, not die instantly?

I cant wait to try out the next demo, hope you will have enough patient to finish your game!


Potential Nickname until it gets an official one: U-FPS


yes please

{BUG}      BTW You can't change/adjust the camera on Mac (Not sure if that's on other versions) 

Moving the mouse up and down doesn't make you look up and down and moving it side to side doesn't make you look side to side

And a POTENTIAL name: "Steven's Game"

Is it laggy at all? Or do any of you get low fps?


I think you might need a higher spec computer/laptop because it works just fine when I play it.


if you change the resolution in the settings, you can make it more pixely, but run faster.

Deleted 1 year ago

Again, Lux Radium would be a cool name.


Hey I do not know how to play the game using the Linux  file. I have it downloaded but do not know how to start it up. Can anyone help?

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 atm it's just a walmart gttod even the artstyle

add momentum, cause it's so weird when you rocket off the wall and then when you hit the ground, you still have normal walking speed.

and learn modeling, you can't take shortcuts with ugly design, it's your dream game!

also learn sound design, just like animations, sounds have a big impact on gameplay, for example you would play doom differently if the gun soundeffects werent that bassy.
(or if you don't want to I'm willing to help for free (I'm a hobby sound designer/music producer) cause I don't want to hear those gun soundeffects no more)

make the character reflect, that would look sick or you can make the floor reflective cause that would also look cool

and please for the love of god, get an original art style


Hey chill, this stuff is hard. I can tell that you're doing this with good intentions (probably), but that's a little harsh.

Deleted 218 days ago

I mean you cant get an original art style, because there are thousands of games, and your bound to have the same with at least one, it called a demo, I know you want the game to be good, but he has to do things one at a time, when you say "you can't take shortcuts with ugly design, it's your dream game!" he has to make the basic controls first, and not focus on things like looks, he has to make sure the game feels good before looking good

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geez calm down, I actually think this looks pretty cool. The art style is more original than most games coming out.

game really good but there are same small problems I can find 2
1st rocket launcher has a 3 sec delay from when u press the button I know it is for the animation but when you are using it for parkour it kinda...
2nd there is much lag if you could add an option that instead of a so detailed floor and walls just black walls just an option tho

(now most people think that I lag that is why it has a delay before firing but I mean it has a 3 sec bogger delay than other stuff)

Overall the game is GREAT hope it becomes better!!!

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You could call it Chromamania



well the game name should be "CyberGun 2078"


Try HyperLoad as a name

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The shotgun reloading is a bit janky since even tho i can just shoot after the first bullet, i still have to wait for its animation to finish, so it feels a bit off.

Also its hard to time rocket jumps with the finger rocket because of the delay.


Nice. However, you can kill all of the enemies except for the brutes, so eventually you can have an entire arena of just brutes without arms that cant hurt you

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Cool I really like it but there is a couple things id like to suggest:

(if you cant see it then tell me)

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Very cool game.  I think there should be a little damage to enemies if you ram into them when you use the dash ability

like in Doom Eternal, just what i was thinking


Nice update, but found something which may not be intentional (tho is fun)
If you stop time and shoot multiple rockets under you, you'll go sky high literally (like flew out of the arena). The more rockets the more you'll go high

yeah did it too

1:I LOVE how you can continuously rocket jump by timing it correctly when you fire. I think you should keep that, but make the player have to reload after firing x amount of rockets, because I think the continuous rocket jump makes the game have a skill gap. 

2:The pistol is a little over powered on how it can kill everything in the game expect the spider robot in 1 shot

3:An idea, but what if you made it so that the bomb robot could be thrown by the big robot or at least be a little faster, because right now instead of killing the bomb robot, I group up the robots, and purposefully go near the bomb robot to explode the it on the other robots, which barely hurts me but kills all the robots


He was right when he said he was scared of the movement options!


That's nothing, try stopping time and shooting multiple rockets under you

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I made sure to play this before watching the video, so I didn't know everything there is, but here is what I have to say:

1: The rocket jump is cool, but it's the best weapon. You should either give it a cool down, give it a firing arc, or make enemies immune. (BTW you could rip off the shoulder mounted stuff in DOOM)

2: Add the option to remove reflections, AO, bloom, and normal maps (if possible) it would let people like me play the game in full resolution.

3: I should be able to swap weapons with the scroll wheel.

Other than that its a great improvement over the previous. Keep it up!

BTW, this is a weird idea but what if your heath and ammo came from the same bar? Then you could balance stuff by having it make you vulnerable. The you would regain it with heath packs or punching enemies or something. I think it would fit the arcady feel it has so far. But if you lean into a level based design its not needed.


Honestly this game gives me the vibe of being a hacker running and gunning through a virtual world. Maybe a giant server. That could be a neat story when the time comes to make story.

Anyways two things I'd maybe add is the ability to swap weapons while reloading and to be able to resume time without having to wait for time to resume itself to prevent just waiting for your bullets to kill them. maybe by pressing Control again.


i will gave fun speedrun this game now












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