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Suggestion: Hey Steven, sometimes when I punch the enemies they go flying up - but hear me out. What if you made this a  feature! (this is a reference from your dev log) they could take fall damage and lose health or die. I'm just saying.

lets speedrun it 


my speed run

does this have ragdoll idk if it has i never played it 

Yes, also detachable limbs


i wish i could play this but i dont have the reaction time to keep turning and shooting enimes 


add knife throwing (yes this is a jojo reference)

He has a community post on youtube about that.

hey steven i have an idea for your game there should be a function to manually stop and start time and the rocket lancher should have infinite ammo

Suggestion: make ammo crates for refilling ammo, u can earn them by progressing through the arena or something like that

Help! it super laggy on windows for me. What do I do?

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So when you launch the game, go into the settings and turn on the windowed view and then launch the game, and after go back to the settings make it full screen and the lag should be fixed. If it does not work i am sorry i run the Linux version on a Chromebook through Crostini.

So sorry but it didn't work😭

I'm sorry. maybe just try running it in windowed view without motion blur on and are you runn version 0.3 or 3.1?


I do really like where its going very smooth and fun I could play this demo for hours, but I have to say a couple of problems.  First off the revolver if better than all other guns it can one shot the orbs and the B I G B O I S, then there's the four legged spider thing.  It takes a lot of shots even from the revolver.  All of the enemies are dirt slow and shoot slow.  The third problem (more of a suggestion) is this game would be a lot better with higher FOV like 80 or 90 FOV.  Thank you!


Can you just make settings to change colour scheme instead?

Please I need help it won't let me run the application on my mac. My MacBook is a MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

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(Please keep in mind this is only my opinion)                                                                 The best ways to kill the big guys or as I call them, Void Brutes, is to punch them in the head it's a one-shot w h y. For the b o o m e r s (I guess you could call them suicide turrets)  the best is pistol, shotgun or rocket. Spider thingies or void crawlers as I call them best weapon is probably rocket, pistol or shotgun. The sphere-shooty-thingy (I call them void turrets) probably pistol, your fist, shotgun or rocket. Also the rifle is literally only good when you freeze time.

Here are some name ideas:  Neon Void, The void, Neon Rush



cuz ur pc is probably sh!t



so much cool


karlson 2.0

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Did you watch the video...



I don't remember if I said this already, but I think an ADS that slows time a bit in the air or on walls (gradually consuming the time gauge) would be super cool and make kills while doing parkour a lot easier.

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Steven, If you want music I'll make it for free. I have a title theme made already if you want it for the next version.

I’ve been seeing your comments around. Very nice!

Thanks, my song is down there somewhere. 


if he wanted music he will get an artist


There is a bug were when u stop time, shoot several explosives directly under you then when time goes back u jump, u will be flung VERY high into the air (over the map), then be able to get ontop of ANYTHING

How change color

Old 0.3 is black but more taxing, and the new 0.3.1 is experimental white with performance enhancements, just download the one you'll enjoy more.

Basically Usability or Aesthetics

In 0.3.1 for Windows, there is a bug where if you stop time, jump, and punch, in that order on top of the crab enemies there's a chance to be flung into the air a lot or a little. Depends if you find the sweet spot.

it's really fun



I thought his was gonna be purple lol

0.3 is black and purple. 0.3.1 is the new experimental white

Windows v0.3 is literally just better than the new one, it has no bugs and it's really cool. It LITERALLY doesn't break your game, also.

I found a bug, when "robots" fell in the void he didn't respawn

or a journey into fps 

maybe you can name it    

a journey to fps 


Man i love doin this 

Haha Same


Try letting them surround you and then rocket jumping


Ok I Will Try


A few suggestions that might help:
Adjusting the recoil on the rifle down. I would say the accuracy on it is cancer, but that actually kills people.

Punch kills give either health or ammo back.

Kills done during ZA WARUDO give the other that the punch kill does not.

Energy shield(much like the armor mechanic of Doom Eternal). Slowly refills with each kill.

A hose or cable or something to swing around enemys, pull them closer, or pull you closer, much like the Doom meathook.

The reloading is a questionable mechanic tbh, especially with as hectic and fast paced this is supposed to be.

A higher powered shotgun with less shots in it.

All that being said, this has a lot of potential. I have already found a couple movement mechanic quirks that enhance movement mechanics. Wall jumping and what I like to call Punch Pogoing. Punching an enemy a certain way launches you up into the air, but it's real finnicky and I don't have the skill to repeatedly land those punches

Possibly add knockback to the stonger shotgun as well whilst in the air. Add m o b i l i t y.

And a chaingun type weapon. 

And there's potential for upgrades, one such that makes the dash do damage when ramming enemies.

This game has a lot of potential, man.



the world 

its from JoJo's bizarre adventure


also more features that might be good are nerfing the pistol and making it so u start with it and you collect the others


he shouldn't nerf the pistol he should buff the rifle


Yes. The accuracy is horrid.

And it does like 2 damage


Eh, it does decent damage per shot. When it actually hits. Which it hardly ever does

this is a great game and some great possible features would be , a knife , sliding and map customizations

ik whats missing, memes


A sword

He needs a sword

Yes, a cool flurry that deflects bullets would be sick


Hmm, speedrun? this is me btw excuse the bad audio I forgot to turn my mic off.


This game is super fun, the parkour is great, but the arena has a few issues in my opinion. First of all, the weapon number 2 is terrible. The weapon 1 and numer 3 easily beat it any day. Weapon 2 does like 0 damage at all. Also, the arena doesnt have enough things to get to the top. The monster things are cool and well balanced. An Idea for respawning: You go back to the start, just like you would if you fall of the map. The options needs updated though. I think you should be able to use custom buttons on your mouse for weapon slots or for ctrl and shift keys. Overall a good game and I look forward for future updates!


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also suggestion you should make it so the weapons are on a scroll wheel so its easier to switch between weapons also another thing in the main menu make a controls option where you can change you controls to whatever you want (for what's in the game right now of course)

also, I got another one the enemies can fall out of the arena and you can also push them out and then they don't spawn anymore because I think they really never die so they never respawn back to the correct spot so there is no enemies until you go into the main menu and press play again although it isn't really a bug more a problem I just wanted to let you know. ( you can just add a little wall, players have to parkour over to enter the arena so you have to scale the wall to enter its just the easiest way to fix it).

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to be honest it just becomes a fun wall riding/ parkour playground without the enemies 

umm I'm glitching through the floor in the arena  using the punch and its mainly on when I punch the small guys (laser ball thingys with 2 legs)

[Windows v0.3.1]

Huh thats not happening to me. Do you have an exact location where it happens or is it everywhere?

No I just punch them and sometimes I glitch through the floor and die but its mainly when I jump above them first its quite wierd

i glitch through the walls

OH MY GOD I NEED THIS GAME IN MY LIFE IT'S AMAZING. I love the fast pased action, the movement is so fluent it flows so well. I can't wait for the full release of this game. Also I believe this is a glitch, but sometimes the rocket jump won't work when you're next to it. This has only happened when I was above it in the air.

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the question I download from windows v0.3.1  but it would not work it said I don't have a unity player.dll but I have it? .. i reinstalled it but still no work

just extract all and replace it with a different destination that's what I did and it worked for some reason.not sure if you can do that though

I cannot get it to work on linux

help pls

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